Quilting and Sewing Classes

"We pride ourselves in providing quilting and sewing classes that meet individual needs, whether they are for the new quilter or sewer, or to complete a project that has been on a "to do" list for awhile or to learn a new technique. Some classes are scheduled while others are set up to meet an individual's personal schedule. Most of all I offer small personalized sessions. If the list below does not meet your needs, give me a call and I will work out a session that you need. A reminder, a session means you may be with other students but not more than a few at a time. If you prefer a private session, please indicate this when you call me. "

Due to everyone's busy schedule, I find it works out better if you call me about a class so that we may set up the day and time mutually agreeable

Work Stations

Quilting 101
This is our most popular class meant for the beginning quilter. Come and learn the basic "how to's" of makin a quilt from the beginning to the end. This class will cover the quilting tools, fabric selection, threads and reading patterns. You will learn how to make five to six different quilt blocks and place them in to either a sampler lap quilt or wall hanging. 2 hours a week for 6 weeks.
Sewing 101
This class is to introduce you to the basic "how to's" of sewing. The class will cover sewing tools, fabric selection, threads, reading a pattern, pinning, cutting and construction techniques. The student is to select a basic pattern of their choice, with my approval.2 hours a week for 6 weeks.
Know your sewing machine
have you bought a new or used sewing machine, or have a sewing machine that you do not know how to use? This class will focus on the use of the machine, its different features and feet. 1 hour class
UFO (Unfinished Object) Finishing
Need assistance in finishing a project that you have started and now want to complete? Come once, come twice, or come as often as needed to get the assistance needed to have the UFO turn into a FO (Finished Object)
Individual Project/Private Classes
Is there a quilt or sewing project that you wish to make? Special arrangements can be made to meet this need.
Learn to Knit or Crochet
Do you want to learn how to knit or crochet? Or is there a knitting or crochet project that you want to make or complete? Time will be made available to meet this need.

Additional classes are available on specific projects dependent on the season, on the technique or as interest develops. Please check with me on an ongoing basis. Hand Piecing, Paper Piecing, Hand Applique, Machine Applique, or other techniques are available upon request. Fee structure will be dependent on the project.

General Information

Class Fees
Class Fees are due in full at the time of registration or at the first class. No class fees are refundable but can be applied to other sessions.
Cancelation/Missed Classes
If you need to cancel a class, a twenty four hour lead time before a class starts is needed, as special arragements are made with individual students. Rescheduling times will be made within a reasonable period of time mutually agreed upon. If unusual circumstances occur and a twenty four hour time period can not be made, a reasonable time period is needed as classes are arranged individually with the student. Missed classes without reasonable notification or "no call no show" the fee will be forfeited and no credit will be given. Unfortunately no refunds will be made. Frequent missed classes or cancellation may jeopardize continuation with classes.
Supply List
Supplies are not included in the Class Fees. Once a class is discussed, a supply list will be provided either in writing or verbally. Many supplies are available for purchase at Levesque's at a discouneted cost. Supplies should be purchased before the class begins so that there will not be a delay in getting started unless otherwise indicated.
Sewing Machine
If the class requires the use of a sewing machine, it is the student's responsibility to bring their own sewing machine with them to class. We do sell new and used Sewing Machines if needed. See us for details.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the class begins so that you can set up your equipment.

Please do not bring children to class.